5 activities to try while travelling

5 activities to try while travelling

5 activities to try while travelling

When it comes to travelling with the family, the last words you want to hear are ‘I’m bored’. Whilst you may be perfectly content with lying on your sun lounger, listening to the waves roll in, your little darlings have plenty of energy to burn. Here are some exciting activities that the whole family can get involved in during your next holiday.

Safari :

Safaris are often considered to be an ‘adults-only’ activity, but this is not actually the case. Whilst there are certainly restrictions involved to ensure the safety of children on a safari, they are not prohibited altogether and it is an experience that many families have enjoyed sharing. Some guided tours will accept children older than six and there is also the option of self-driving a rented vehicle if you wish to take younger children. Safaris can be made a particularly magical experience for younger children by pointing out ‘Simba’ for a lion or ‘Pumbaa’ for a warthog. However, it may be a good idea to explain to children that they are seeing the ‘real thing’ and not to expect the action-packed scenes they will have seen on television.

Skiing :

Skiing has long been a popular option for a family activity holiday and with good reason. Many resorts are specifically designed with families in mind. They feature slopes of a variety of lengths and difficulties to cater for all kinds of guests, with many having additional activities available such as snowboarding and sledding areas especially for young children. It is a good idea to invest in some skiing lessons for the kids before heading to the slopes. Not only will this get them excited for their holiday, but having been taught the basics they will be much more able to ‘get on’ with things, when you get to the resort. You should also consider what other activities are available when choosing your resort just in case they don’t want to spend their whole holiday on the slopes.

Snorkelling :

Don your snorkel and explore the underwater paradise hidden within the coral reefs. With an estimated 372 coral reefs in the world, there are plenty of destinations where you can marvel at the world beneath the waves. Even little ones can get involved – but be sure to check out the latest water safety tips for beaches and protect your kids from the rays. Sun cream usually has a lifespan of only 40-80 minutes, so top up regularly when on the beach or in the sea.

Discover ancient ruins :

Make history cool as you bring to life the remains of ancient architecture. Research the area beforehand so that you understand its history yourself. This will allow you to narrate the visit for your kids, capturing their imaginations as they journey back in time. Snacks are essential for these kinds of trips. If kids are hungry then it’s likely they’ll lose interest in your extravagant, carefully thought out narration and just become bored.

Hiking and trekking :

There are all sorts of places that you can explore with the family on foot. From mountains to rainforests – and even inactive volcanoes – there are plenty of exciting walks to discover. Do your research to make sure that the terrain is appropriate for the ability of your family members and find some landmarks to discover or fun facts about the area to point out along the way.

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